Amidst a statewide spike in COVID-19 cases and an increasing pivot back to more remote learning, the first statewide poll of New Jersey parents this school year shows that families want a better remote education experience and have identified a stark racial and income gaps in access to the additional learning help students need to be successful. The statewide survey was conducted by Global Strategy Group and commissioned by the New Jersey Children’s Foundation and the statewide advocacy group JerseyCAN in order to provide better information to the public and policymakers about the effect of COVID-19 on the state’s 1.3M+ public school students.

New Jersey parents voiced overall low satisfaction with remote learning, with only 42% of parents rating the experience as successful. The statewide survey also found wide gaps in the educational opportunities afforded to low-income, Black and Latinx students during the pandemic, as well as tremendous disparity in economic security faced by these families as a result of the massive shift to remote learning.