Newark can show the nation a new way forward on education. Find out how.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to invest in people, programs, and partnerships that will improve public education systems by putting the interests of children first.  Our vision is that each and every child will break down the walls of inequity through the creation of high-quality public education systems.

Our Focus Areas

District-Charter Collaboration

Newark can be a national model for how we create systems of high-performing public schools, with great district and charter schools living side-by-side as neighbors and collaborators.


To continue its improvement, the city needs a consistent, fact-based discussion about student outcomes—one that is unafraid to talk about both the successes and failures.

Fair Funding
for All

Both district and charter schools are unfairly funded. Every student in the city deserves access to the resources they need to learn at the highest level.

What We Do

Policy, Research and Communications

Publish policy, data, and research to promote a fact-based discussion about what’s working, what’s not, and identify potential solutions.


Fundraise for proven, citywide solutions to improve student outcomes.

Grassroots Advocacy

Support grassroots advocacy projects to increase the number of people involved in the discussion about public education.

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