Mayor Baraka did something pretty amazing. 

The Mayor accepted a challenge from the Mayor of Camden. The challenge was this: Whose high school seniors are going to file the most FAFSA forms?

It’s a very important challenge because the FAFSA form unlocks millions of dollars of funding for our students to go to a four-year or two-year college, trade school and some certificate programs.

Every high school in Newark is eligible to participate in this contest–district, charter, county and private schools, because every single Newark high school student should be filling out a FAFSA form.

The New Jersey Children’s Foundation is proud to support this first ever Newark vs. Camden FAFSA challenge and the winning Newark high school senior class will win $15,000. Runners up will win $5,000.

Read articles on this important challenge herehere and here and watch the Fox5 story below. And check in on our TRACKER when it goes live so you can root for our students!

#FAFSA Challenge